We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves. We are Emma and Sophie and we became friends back in High School, probably over some vodka cruisers and a dancefloor.

After High School, we both went on to study in fields that we’re passionate about. Sophie studied Photography in Melbourne and Emma studied Nutrition and Dietetics in Queensland. Fast forward a few years and we’re both now living and working in Melbourne.

The idea to collaborate on a cookbook slowly developed after Sophie started getting more interested in food photography. After being inspired by a few hours in a bookshop, she decided to make it happen. Recruiting Emma to be the brains behind the food didn’t take too much persuasion, which leads us to now.

From the get go, our aim for the book was to beautifully capture and share the moments that remind us of the ability that food has to bring us joy and social connection. We plan to document the process of creating our book including behind the scenes of photoshoots, recipe development, prop sourcing and all the other things we don’t yet know are involved! We’ll also be sharing some fun we have with food and yummy recipes along the way.

We’re super excited to be finally kicking it all off and hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Em and Soph x