Blueberry and Fromage Frais Toast

It’s the weekend which means most of us have got a bit more time to sit down and enjoy our breakfast and coffee. If you’ve got no plans this weekend settle in with this delicious and equally as pretty breakfast!

Blueberry Toast with Fromage Frais

Blueberry and Fromage Frais Toast
Serves 2


    • 150g blueberries
    • 150g blackberries
    • 2 tbsp sugar
    • 1-2 Panini Bread Rolls
    • Blueberry chutney/jam
    • 200g Fromage Frais
    • A drizzle of honey
    • A small handful of  macadamias, chopped

Place the berries and sugar in a small saucepan and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes or until the berries have softened and created a sauce. Set aside.

Slice the Panini Bread Rolls in half lengthways and toast. Spread with Blueberry Chutney and top with a few dollops of Fromage Frais. Spoon the berry mixture on top and drizzle with some honey. Sprinkle with macadamias and enjoy!



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