7 things we learnt about making a Cookbook!

With our final copy being sent off to the editor and our advanced copy getting the final tick of approval we’re reflecting on this crazy process of creating a cookbook!

The idea arose nearly 2 years ago when we decided to join forces as A Dietitian and a Photographer and start working on some recipes for what would ultimately be a coffee table book. It’s been a massive learning process for two people who literally had no idea what they were doing. I’ve obviously styled and put together many photoshoots and Emma has curated a collection of favourite recipes over the years but nothing like this! So this is just a few little things hindsight has taught us!

ApolloBay behind the scenes

1 – It will rain on any day you plan to shoot outdoors. And it will happen as soon as you have styled the table and are ready to shoot. It pays to have a reflector, umbrella or large blanket on hand to protect the food (and yourself)

Untitled-1Apollo Bay, wine and cheese chapterUntitled-1

2 – Preparing the food and shooting two chapters in a day is a mammoth task!! I think Emma was up at 6am getting the food ready for our lunch chapter, and then we went on to shoot the Wine and Cheese chapter later that night. It was so physically and mentally exhausting and something we would not recommend.

3 – There’s no limit on what you’ll do for props to set the scene. For our Dinner chapter we had the family bring in family photos to make the room seem extra homely. For our Kids chapter Emma’s parents raided strangers nature strips for autumn leaves because there were none at our location. They literally got us bags full of them! Anything to set the scene!

4 – Filler photos are important! On shoot days I had my shot list with all the different images I had in mind to make sure I captured the food and the people well. But when it came to putting the book together I needed just a few filler photos to help set the scene or even just to separate different sections of the book. A landscape or something else relevant to each location would have been nice just to add a bit more to the book.

5 – You will have to learn InDesign to put the layout together and you will be sick of watching YouTube tutorials every 10 minutes to work out something that would be quite simple for a graphic designer. That being said, now you have some basic InDesign skills and you’ll be proud you didn’t outsource any of the process (with the exception of a few freak out messages and phone calls to some graphic designer friends.)

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 11.02.25 am

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.00.29 am

6 – You will think you’ve finally finished the layout, but the publisher will think otherwise. Don’t count the back and forth emails about the image that needs to be moved 3mm to the left and 1mm down, just be grateful that stage over.

7 – It’ll be bloody fun to work on and super rewarding to see all your hard work actually in print form! Also a little bit surreal that this project you’ve been talking about for 2 years is finally complete! Woohooo!

Now we wait for our orders to be printed! It could take up to 8 weeks at this stage and then the next stage begins!

If you’re a wholesaler and you’d like to stock Better Served Together please get in touch! Email us at adietitianandaphotographer@gmail.com

Em & Soph xx



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