A cheeky little sneak peak into our book!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally at the tail end of this book making process! Last weekend we caught up with our friend and fellow photographer Courtney from With love from near and far to do our final photoshoot for the book – our headshots! We’re super happy with all the shots and are struggling to choose which ones we’d like to use!


From the get go, our aim for the book has always been to show the ability that food has to bring people together. We wanted to share some of our favourite recipes alongside beautiful images that capture the joy of sharing food.
We photographed our 6 chapters over 18 months, allowing us to fully plan the recipes and styling, and photograph the food and locations in season. We photographed in locations that are close to home for us and remind us of family holidays and outings with friends.

Our 6 chapters follow different groups of friends and family enjoying each others company over Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner as well as Wine and Cheese. We also have a group of kids enjoying a picnic amongst the autumn leaves and a (soon to be married!) couple on a date in the Otways.

We wanted to give you guys a quick roundup of what to expect from our book! So here it is, the little sneak peak into each of our chapters and the recipes included!


wine and cheese round upBreakfast round up

lunch roundupkids roundupdinner round update roundup

If you wanted to see a little bit more of our behind the scenes on each chapter you can check them out here –

Behind the scenes at Lake Elizabeth

Behind the Scenes at Apollo Bay

What’s that saying about working with Children and Animals? Behind the Scenes on our Kids chapter!

Behind the scenes on our final two chapters!

Keep an eye out for our crowd funding campaign coming soon where you’ll be able to pre-order your book! We’re so excited!!

Em and Soph xx

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