A Firey Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in my family is pretty low-key and I love it. We sit together on the couch, drink in hand, and watch the carols on TV. Delicious food is a given too.


This year I think we’ll spice things up from the usual glass of wine. I’m sure Santa would appreciate it if we gave him something warming before he heads back to the North Pole, and there’s nothing better to light a fire in your belly than Fireball. It could be 40°C here in Australia, but oh well. The carols tell us that the weather outside is frightful, so we’re going to warm up with a Firey Apple.

Merry Christmas!

Em xx

Firey Apple Cocktail

Original recipe from Vegan Yack Attack.

Makes 1 drink



1 shot Vanilla Vodka

1 shot Fireball whiskey

4 shots Apple juice

Pinch cinnamon

Ice Cubes

Brown sugar for garnish


Wet the rim of your glass with water and dip in brown sugar.

In a cocktail shaker, add the vodka, Fireball, juice, cinnamon and a handful of ice cubes. Shake well.

Pour into your prepared glass.






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