Behind the scenes on our final two chapters!

Last weekend we set ourselves the task of completing our Dinner and Breakfast chapters over two days. Mammoth effort by Emma in the kitchen making sure all our dishes were perfect and ready to go!

Our Dinner shoot took place on Saturday night with a lovely fake family made up of a family of 6 and their ‘grandparents’. As the kids kept reminding us “she’s not really my Nan.” They weren’t prepared to lie about this one.
Everything went so well with this shoot, the setting was exactly how we pre-visualised this chapter over a year ago, the dishes looked, smelt and tasted amazing and the conversations at this fake family gathering were hilarious. Notable mentions to all the kids who at least tried the brussel sprouts, with 1 out of 4 kids eating more than one!
Dessert was the kids biggest hit of the night, getting a big thumbs up from Tess.



Our Breakfast shoot took place in Lorne on Sunday morning at a beautiful apartment with ocean views. Our bad luck with our outdoor chapters seemed to continue, with it starting to spit some heavy rain drops just as the food was placed on the table. With an umbrella on hand to protect the table, (previous chapters we’ve used a reflector and then a blanket to protect the food from the rain) we started to shoot a couple of close ups under the umbrella until the rain passed. It was an overcast morning, not quite the sunny blue skies we were hoping for, but you can’t really be mad at the views of Lorne from here.


With a combination of the food, location, props and dare I say the models, this was both mine and Emma’s favourite chapter of the book!

With all our shoots complete, now we begin the culling and editing process. We’ll begin to work on layouts and what images sit well together. We still have to refine a few of the recipes, come up with a name for the book (yes, it’s still a blank. Any suggestions are welcome!) and then hopefully send the book off to the publishers by about February. The printing process will take up to 11 weeks, so fingers crossed you’ll be able to get this beauty by May!

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-Soph x

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