Behind the Scenes at Apollo Bay

Last weekend we photographed our next two chapters for our book! In hindsight, it was very ambitious ticking two off in the one day, probably not something we would do again. We were exhausted, but we made it through!

We had been scouring AirBnb for a while trying to find a house that fit both our ideas for our ‘Lunch’ and ‘Wine and Cheese’ chapter. Looking back on our notes from when we first started discussing our chapters, the words to describe our Lunch chapter were ‘modern, white and fresh’. The Wine and Cheese chapter was ‘outside, fairy lights, dusk’
We strayed a bit from our ideas for the Lunch chapter when we came across this house on Airbnb though. We were both just smitten with the outdoor area and the inside was so cute and cosy, we just couldn’t go past it!

ApolloBayAccomodation, A dietitian and a photographerApolloBayAccomApolloBayAccomodation

There was so much to explore on the property with an abundance of different fruit trees and cute little details scattered amongst the house. There was a secluded tree house and hammocks, as well as a cosy wood cabin tucked away in amongst the trees. This place was only 15 minutes out of Apollo Bay but it honestly felt like we were anywhere but a coastal town. We didn’t have any reception at the accommodation which was actually a blessing in disguise. I wasn’t constantly checking my phone for messages and it was just nice to not be distracted and be able to concentrate solely on the shoots.

Emma was up with the sun on Saturday morning starting to prep all the dishes for the day. I had the important tasks of shelling chickpeas and squeezing lemons for different salad dressings. Mainly the things I couldn’t mess up too badly.

The dining table area didn’t have as much natural light as I was hoping for (one of the downsides of not seeing the house beforehand) but we made it work. Emma served up some amazing dishes for our lunch models and then the rest of us finished off the leftovers. I honestly don’t know how Emma comes up with all these delicious ideas but they all worked in perfectly together and I’m so excited for the recipes in this chapter!

ApolloBay behind the scenesApolloBay behind the scenese lunchApolloBay behind the scenes2

For our Wine and Cheese chapter (title still in the works – open to suggestions!) we set up outside the front of the house with the beautiful vines and french doors of the cottage in the background. Before our arrival I had imagined a few nearby trees we’d be able to hang some fairy lights from. Unfortunately there weren’t any close enough so I constructed a few makeshift trees out of some fallen branches and used wire chairs as their holders. Complete with bags to weigh them down. In hindsight I probably should have had bigger fairy lights or a few more strands as they were a bit hard to see, but oh well. Add that to the list of things we learnt!

Apollo Bay accom, wine and cheese

Another lesson we learnt was to always have something on hand to protect the food in case of rain. We should have learnt this after it rained on us while shooting our first chapter (check it out here – Behind the scenes at Lake Elizabeth) But of course as soon as Emma had put the final dish on the table we got a few heavy spots of rain that made us panic a little. Fortunately it passed for long enough to get our shots, but we also had to deal with the crazy wind! This meant all the candles Emma and I had bought and strategically placed all over the table weren’t setting the scene like I had imagined. I had bought along a lantern from home and amazingly enough, there were two decorative lanterns inside (back to those cute little details I talked about) and we were able to use them to give us at least a little bit of mood lighting.

Apollo Bay, wine and cheese chapterUntitled-1

Overall everything went pretty well. A few minor details that looking back on I would do differently, but I think in the grand scheme of things it went pretty well!

A massive thanks to our models who travelled down to Apollo Bay to help us out for the shoot! Despite the muggy weather they layered up in their winter clothing without too many complaints. Note how comfortable Emma and I look in our shorts 😉

A link to our hideaway cottage is down below –

Now on to our next chapter!

-Soph xx

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