A tasting plate of local talent

I had been sitting on this idea to highlight small businesses and celebrate local talent for a while. When I finally got around to organising it I was blown away by peoples responses! Everyone was so willing and excited to be part of the shoot!

The idea started when I first began following Melrose and Co a little while ago. Charlotte creates beautiful platter boxes and delicious cheese boards perfect for any occasion or any regular Saturday afternoon. I don’t think you need an excuse for wine and cheese really. A good platter really embodies what we at A Dietitian and a Photographer are all about. The social aspect of food and the ability it has to bring people together. In case you were looking for an excuse for wine and cheese, friends coming together has got to be it!




So with one of Charlotte’s platters bringing us all together, I set out to find some other great local businesses to work with.

A good drink goes well with a platter and as someone who used to work at Otway Estate bottling beers (as well as sampling them) they were an obvious choice to have on board! The venue was also what I had envisioned for this shoot and they were more than happy to have us out there to eat and drink the afternoon away.


I’ve worked with Rose who runs @stylelistAU a few times now, so I got in touch with her to see if she would help me out with the fashion side of things. She was keen to be involved and got to work putting together some outfits from Ray Croft. The colours all worked so well together and the accessories from Salon7One complimented the outfits perfectly. With the models taking photos of all the tags on shoot day, I think the outfits were a big hit!

Otway Blooms made us up some gorgeous little arrangements which actually fitted in well with the colours on the platter and the greenery of the venue. Lets pretend I planned that bit as well 😉 Everyone commented on the cute little jars they were in and it was just a beautiful little addition for the shoot.


Now for the friends to come together. Rose was obviously in and we both agreed Bree (@healthy_bree) would be a great addition for our shoot.  We love seeing Bree’s recipes pop up on Instagram and we’ve been looking for an excuse to collab so I thought this was perfect for her! Lastly, my great friend Leah who I have shared many a platter and drinks with. Coincidently, we had both had a few drinks when I asked her to be a part of the shoot. As soon as I told her Melrose and Co was on board she couldn’t refuse 😉

We had some serious talent working behind the scenes for the girls hair and makeup.

Emily at La Virage Hair Studio worked on all the girls hair. For Bree, Emily decided on some boho curls with a braided side. Leah had some soft waves and then Rose had a high volumised ponytail.
Makeup by Genna Nelson worked on Bree and went with a bronze smokey eye with a glowy complexion. Complete with a soft pink nude on her lips, it was easy to maintain with an afternoon filled with drinking and eating.
Courtney at CL Beauty Room did up Leah’s face in a soft glam style. Quite natural with her eyes but with a full contour and highlight on her face.
Makeup by Tessa Yates worked with Rose and created a soft smokey eye with a lip colour by Gerard Cosmetics in 1995.



Sally at Salon7One provided us with so many great wares it was hard to know where to start! We had cheese boards in abundance with some really nice cheese knives to go with the platter. The girls each had a necklace that worked in with their outfit as well as some great baskets and bags to really add to the shoot! We even did a last minute mini shoot because we had so many goodies and Charlotte quickly whipped us up another platter to go with it! Talk about service!


I had such a great time getting to work with all the lovely people behind these small businesses and see a small part of what they do day to day.  Everyone was so helpful and accommodating and I can’t thank those involved enough! It’s so great to see all this amazing talent around the Colac region and I feel pretty honoured to be able to showcase it all.  I’ll pop everyones details down below if you’re loving anything you see here.

-Soph xx

Melrose and Co – http://www.melroseco.net
Otway Blooms – http://www.otwaybloomsflorist.com.au
Ray Croft – www.facebook.com/raycroftcolac
Otway Estate – www.otwayestate.com.au
Salon7one – http://www.salon7one.com.au
Makeup by Genna Nelson – www.facebook.com/makeupbygennanelson
Makeup by Tessa Yates – www.facebook.com/Miss.GoldyFox
CL Beauty Room – www.facebook.com/CL-Beauty-Room
La Virage – www.facebook.com/laviragehairstudio
Rose – @stylelistAU
Bree – @healthy_bree

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