Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – 3 Ingredient Fruit Dip

This recipe has made an appearance at many social gatherings throughout my life and I’m usually the one that requests it to be there. Obviously I never cared how it was made but just cared about it accompanying any fruit platter. It was only until I was a bit older when Mum would get me to help out (make me do something) that I realised this deliciousness required little skill and minimal ingredients to make.

Fruit dip, A dietitian and a photographer2

It wasn’t until recently when a friend asked me for the recipe (having tried it many times throughout High School) that I realised I hadn’t made it for way too long and decided to make it up for my sisters birthday last week.

It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser and may even entice the kids to try some fruit. They may just lick it off, but you can at least say you tried!

3 Ingredient Fruit Dip


300g sour cream
1/4 cup brown sugar
Almond Cookies (I use Sapori Almond Cantuccini)


Crush biscuits and then mix with sour cream and brown sugar.
Serve with fruit platter and politely accept compliments on your amazing dip.

-Soph x

Fruit dip recipe, a dietitian and a photographer

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