Fisk Family Favourites for a Footy Final

After last Friday nights disappointing loss, this Cats fan has swiftly jumped onto the Tigers bandwagon for this weekends AFL Grand Final clash. I’ll be watching the match with my fellow Tiges supporters (they’ve barracked for the yellow and black longer than a week so they’re slightly more invested) but I personally am pretty excited!

Grand Final weekend is one of my absolute favourite times of the year. Second maybe only to Christmas. This day has the ability to bring together and divide friends based on who you are supporting in the big match. Good friends, a few drinks, some delicious cheese platters plus a side of football. Grand Final day really is the best.


This year for my contribution to the grand final nibbles I’ve decided to make two of the most popular things to ever grace a Fisk family function. At any given Fiskmas you can expect a prawn dip and a few variations on the good old classic cobb loaf. A few years ago no one bought the prawn dip and there was a riot. Luckily it hasn’t happened since! It’s hard to keep a Fisk quiet for long, but with the combination of prawn dip and cobb loaf, you’re guaranteed maybe 10 minutes of blissful silence. It’ll only last until the biscuits start scraping the bottom of the bowl and Ryan is batting away your biscuit for the last bit of dip. Its every man for himself.

They’re both super simple to make and will keep any crowd or Fisk happy.

Cobb Loaf Dip

1 cobb loaf bread
250g Sour Cream (don’t use light sour cream as it goes too runny)
1 packet Spring Vegetable Soup mix
2 packets of Philly cheese
1 small can corn kernels

Mix dip ingredients and fill hollowed cobb loaf. Heat in oven to warm. Use the bread from the inside of the cobb to dunk in the dip.


Prawn Dip 

1 packet of Philly cheese
Fountain spicy red sauce
1 tin of prawns
6 spring onions, chopped

Spread cream cheese in bowl. Top with spicy red sauce, prawns and then spring onions.


Happy Grand Final day and may the name you draw out of a hat be the first goal AND the Norm Smith winner!

-Soph xx




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