Behind the scenes at Lake Elizabeth

A couple of weeks ago we photographed our first chapter for our cookbook! Emma and I met up early on Saturday morning to do the grocery shop and then took over Emma’s parents kitchen for the day as we prepared all the food for our shoot on Sunday.

I’d woken a few times throughout the night to heavy rain on the roof and Sunday morning we had a little bit of a drizzle as well. Just Mother Nature getting the rain out of her system we told ourselves. We made the trek down to Lake Elizabeth where it was quite muddy and we started to get the food all ready to go. We laid everything perfectly down on our picnic blanket and the models had just sat down as we experienced our first showering of hail! I mean they had literally just sat down. I hadn’t even taken the first shot yet! Talk about timing.


We scrambled around trying to protect the food, but then you know, we didn’t want to get wet either so we sought shelter underneath my reflector. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes and the food survived without any real damage.

The rest of the shoot we had lovely sunshine and only a few strange looks from hikers walking past. The strange looks were mainly directed at Gemma’s nice heeled boots as obviously the rest of the setting was perfectly normal for a rainy Sunday morning.




Aside from the shoot being pretty much everything I had pre visualised and everything coming together perfectly, the main highlight was definitely the end of the shoot where we got to taste test everything. All in the name of creating a lighter load to carry back to the car of course.

A massive thank-you to our models Gemma and Aaron who were absolute legends! They made the long trek down to the lake, battled through the rain, hail and the cold and still came out smiling at the end. We’re super lucky to have had them on board and can’t wait to get planning our next couple of chapters!

Soph x

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