Location Scouting – Lake Elizabeth

Last week Emma and I went on a bit of a road trip to Lake Elizabeth in the small town of Forrest to check out our first possible location for the book! About a 2 hour drive from Melbourne, but only about 30 minutes from our hometown of Colac.


This beautiful spot was Emma’s idea for the ‘Date’ chapter in our book so we had to go down and see if it was going to work with what we had in mind for this shoot. It was a bit of a longer walk than we first anticipated but after about 30 minutes we came to the first lookout of the lake. This spot was beautiful with a little jetty and a few canoes attached, but not really suitable for what we had in mind. So we kept on walking another 20 minutes and came to ‘The Beach’ which was perrrfect! I’d been a little doubtful along the walk that we were going to find the little landing that I had in mind, but this spot was it! We worked out a few logistics – where the models could sit and what would be in the background, the timing of the shoot so that the sun would be in the spot we want it, and a few things we’d need to pack for the next shoot (gumboots and a tarp as it was quite muddy!)

We decided we might omit how long the models had to walk to get to our spot, and keep telling them ‘just a little bit further’ when asked. Apart from the walk being a bit longer and a bit muddier than we thought, it was pretty much perfect!

We’re hoping to shoot this chapter in the next 3-4 weeks, so now we just have to get our props sorted and recipes finalised! Yay!

– Soph x

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